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Our Family with Plan International in Honduras

An article I wrote recently about our experiences sponsoring a family in Honduras through Plan International Sponsoring A Family In...

Trujillo – a short history

Here's a shorter history of our favorite town - Trujillo! Trujillo - short history

A Walk In Honduras

Check out my latest article about walking up the mountain behind our house between Trujillo and Santa Fe And check out the photos taken while hiking...


Read about this invasive fish  and the devastation it's causing in the Caribbean in an article I wrote recently. It's terrible! Do your part to help by eating them whenever/wherever you can. They're delicious. And if you want more information, check out these links:...

The Story of Trujillo: A Little Town with a Big History -by Jon Tompson

Go to Adventures to read an advance version of this great history book.