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Friendly people

I recently posted this on Facebook and was gratified to see the large number of comments from others confirming the same. Here it is: “I was reminded of something while on my morning hike – with every person passing exchanging “Buenos Dias!” – that I had to share: The...
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A Perspective on Living in Honduras

A nice perspective of living in Honduras can be found here. From the author: "..My time in Honduras thus far, amounts all in all to a year and three months. I am ‘surprised’ shall we say, to have never even seen a single act of violence in the ‘murder capital of the...
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News and Comments

Here's where you can submit your comments & suggestions. Anything you want to know? Anything you think we should add that would be useful to others who are interested in Honduras? And if you haven't yet visited our Facebook Page, you can go to it directly...
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