Health Care & Disease Prevention

Healthcare in Honduras Meets High Standards and Is Very Affordable

Many Honduran physicians were trained in the United States, so they speak English and keep up-to-date practices. A visit to the doctor costs between US$5 and $15, and a private hospital room costs $30 to $40 a day. You can have complex surgery performed for as little as $1,000.

Expatriates Looking for Healthcare in Honduras

There are good medical facilities in or near the communities where expatriates are likely to settle. The CEMESA facility in San Pedro Sula and the Honduras Medical Center in Tegucigalpa are both top quality medical centers. Local hospitals can provide emergency care and can be of very high standard. We’ve heard excellent reports about the hospitals in La Ceiba too

What vaccinations should I take when I travel to Honduras?

Click here for some great information about vaccinations, etc. provided by the National Health Service of Scotland.

Montezuma’s Revenge

A total drag if you get it. You can bring Ciproflaxin or similar down with you just in case, but you can get treatment at most pharmacies. And Pepto Bismol can work wonders.
If you’re careful with what you eat & drink (e.g. keep mouth closed in the shower) you’ll be fine. Buy bottled purified water to drink and make sure the ice you use is also from purified water .
Wikipedia has a good article on traveller’s diarrhea that you can read by clicking here.