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Read about this invasive fish  and the devastation it’s causing in the Caribbean in an article I wrote recently. It’s terrible! Do your part to help by eating them whenever/wherever you can. They’re delicious.

And if you want more information, check out these links:
Restaurants serving Lionfish:
This is an excellent source of places where you can eat it, in the Caribbean Islands as well as the U.S.A. While in Trujillo, Mermaids at Campo del Mar (on road to Santa Fe) may have Lionfish on the menu. Phone 9849-0936 to find out
The Invasive Lionfish Web Portal:
Their home page has an excellent dynamic map (from USGS) displaying how they’ve spread throughout the Caribbean from 1985 to 2014
National Geographic:
Lionfish Hunting:
How to Clean them – carefully!:
A nice short write-up on the capture, handling & cleaning of lion fish by the Dept. Of Marine Resources – Bahamas