Catarranas Wall Mural


Another story by Tracy Knight MacDonald, this one about a hidden gem in Honduras, the town of Catarranas with it’s collection of wall murals. Read it here

Tracy and Family

Notable Honduran Sights and Sounds

Tracy and her family spent a fabulous 3 years in Honduras. Read her closing thoughts here!

Jan and Greg’s Adventure

Read about Jan & Greg’s trip through Mexico & Central America here!

The Story of Trujillo: A Little Town with a Big History

Our local historian – Jon Tompson, owner of Vino Tinto and long-time resident of Trujillo – is writing a book about Trujillo.

We are posting an early draft for your reading. You can check it out here –  A Trujillo History by Jon
There are still a couple more chapters to come, but if you have any questions or comments please contact us and we will try to answer them. Or, post your comment!

A Walk Around Trujillo

Here’s something from Kelly Sargent’s blog “Hey Look Something Shiny” that I know you’ll find interesting
A Walk Around Trujillo

Good background information about Trujillo can be found here:


The Trujillo Honduras pages

Sandra Scott Travel

Google Maps