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The Camino Real – Trujillo to Comayagua

Here's an interesting article about the Spanish road from the port of Trujillo to then capital Comayagua, dating from the 1700's. Finding Honduras' Forgotten Camino Real: Persistence of a Dream With credit to The American Geographical Society of New York

What to know about Honduras by Kenny Lee

I am writing down a few observations made on our trips to Honduras. Reason for doing so is to encourage some of my friends to visit. First thing is to discount everything you thought you knew about Honduras unless you have been there. We are settling outside Trujillo....

Driver’s LIcense

An update regarding our renewal of our drivers’ licenses this year 1. We paid our license fee at Banco Atlantida in Trujillo (much easier than doing so in Tocoa), and got an appointment date & time (9 a.m.) for the next day 2. Got there in time to have medical...

Driving through Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and back

Driving around Central America

Garbage in Honduras

Latest article published on about the problem with trash in Honduras (& elsewhere!). Garbage in Honduras